Sales & Marketing

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Real estate is a competitive industry. Take a look around and you’ll see hundreds of agents vying to sell any property they can. This game pays 100% commission, so an agent’s marketing skills better be top-notch.

I was a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty (KW), one of the nation’s most…


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It’s time to vote by mobile device.

In 2020, the election had the largest voter turnout in history. In the race between soon to be president, Joe Biden, and then incumbent, Donald J. Trump, close to 160 million voters cast a ballot.

The mood across the country as of this…

Social Media

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Twitter makes me nervous. It’s been around since March 21, 2006 and has grown to nearly 330 million users. And while it’s fun to participate in all kinds of conversations, hear celebrity perspectives, and acquire new ideas from quirky bedfellows, I question Twitter’s motives and whether they’re helping. …

Election 2020

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The election is a few weeks away and the registered voter roll is 160+ million strong and what seems to be growing every day. Voters nationwide are either casting ballots by mail or going to the polls over the next few weeks, if not on Election Day. …

The Question

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Tags are like stocks — you pick them and hope they’re winners. Although, I wonder if tags are really all that. I feel like you throw darts at them, and do a lot better.

Like you, dear reader, I assign five tags to every article I write. And, yet, I…

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You should quit Facebook, and that’s not in jest
It’s turned the World Wide Web into the world Wild West —
I’m not sure of what will come next
Will we ever see Facebook at it’s absolute best?

No, Russians use the site for faux word litter
Each day Americans grow…

…that is concise.

And has no useless words.

Well, here it is.

I’ll go for broke tomorrow.

And actually write something.

Another Letter

Hello World . . . Again.

Dear Medium Members Behind The Paywall,

I am not new to Medium. And, yet, I’ve made a grave mistake. I have not properly introduced myself to you, paywall peeps. No wonder articles get the same reading time as a flyer for gutter cleaning.


Productivity Tip

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I have days where I feel as if I’m waddling through fresh cement. Sure, I have determination and intent to be my best self as does everyone. Who says, I’m out to be average today? Today, I shall strive for mediocrity! No one.

But it’s not easy when I don’t…

Life Lessons

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So here you are just trying to get motivated to do whatever you need to do.

Maybe it’s writing those 500 words.

Perhaps it’s the laundry.

Or, get your sneaks on.

Sure, you can avoid them. You can choose to scroll through your social streams or go back to bed…

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Entrepreneurial Copywriter • Blogger • Humorous (Debatable) • House Manager • Raiser of Children • Sub-Standard Golfer • Op-ed Generator • And, Yes, Poet

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