These Are The Boys of Summer. For Now.

An ode to MLB’s season of sacrifice.

The boys of summer are on the field.
They’ll play 60 games, we’ll see what it yields.
This year all patrons must watch from a screen.
To stop a killer that it can’t be seen.

You’d think MLB’s regs have been fully dissected.
Yet, the Phillies and Marlins have plenty infected.
Players are learning about personal awareness.
Covid could care less about competition and fairness.

It’s sad to think this is the way.
That baseball is played in an empty Fenway.
The NBA’s right, play in a bubble.
Baseball should too, and on the double!

Although, you have to give these guys credit.
The fans are gracious and quite indebted.
After all, how would you feel up at the plate
In a city plagued by high transmission rates?

In Florida, Jeter covers his ass.
Meanwhile, in LA, Kershaw still got the gas.
However, guys like Joe Kelly just cannot choose
Pitching so close that anger ensues.

After all, over 170,000 have died.
Kelly knows better, and should abide with some pride.
Meant it or not, it’s a terrible call
Producing a unnerving, virus spreading brawl.

Let’s hope baseball still remains fun.
Everyday it seems a little closer to done.
Right now, teams need more self control
To have the playoffs, to keep down the toll.

As it stands, teams still field 9 players per game.
A rosters are 25, it’s still all the same.
But this season, in order to keep play alive
Some teams played with about 45.

We know we’re in for an uncertain Fall.
And who knows if baseball can finish at all.
Baseball can help heal those who are weary
By completing the season with a World Series.

Just like me, I know you have your doubt
After all, how will baseball work it all out.
For now, Trout’s dingers will surely suffice
And let’s thank him and all athletes for their sacrifice.

Original Never Ending Poem thread started by Martin Rushton whose latest is below. (Thank you Martin Rushton)

I nominate Charlton CJ Trader Dimitris Leo ⭐ Sidra Ansari Roz Warren Shaams Nur Eric Rossini Pouya Ahmadi Rebecca Sealfon Christoph Gietl

The prompt for your poem is School Opening

Published in The Boston Globe Magazine; Trying to figure it all out by expressing ideas, fears, hopes, and dreams; I have a dog, a very influential dog. Very.

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