My 8-And 10-Year-Old Exercised By Walking 15,000 Steps This Summer — The Poem

Anthony C. Fireman
2 min readJan 11, 2022
children exercising by walking and running in sneakers
Photo by Margaret Weir on Unsplash

The pandemic has us dealing with all kinds of locks
Children fight boredom with an iPad and X-Box
They sit on the couch in their in their pajamas and socks
They think exercise is dancing on sites like Tick Tok

These devices have become the default babysitter
During these days when Covid keeps life in the shitter
We must be sure children get fitter and fitter
And stay off social sites like Snap Chat and Twitter

And you wonder what about exercise
To just let them play games, is that really wise
Super Mario is the only one running, no surprise
Still, you must reckon with an ordeal you despise

Now every parent presumably loves their child
No matter if their wooly and wild
But kids need exercise, even if mild
And it’s frightening how screens get kids crazy and riled

But your kids don’t know, they will always confess
If anything, that they could care less.
They believe virtual reality is really what’s best
But they don’t know screens are the wild, wild west

From what I’ve read kids should exercise for an hour
I asked my pediatrician — she said things are that dire
She shrieked, “Forget all that. It’s fine. Do what’s attractive.
Don’t wait, buy devices, just be proactive.”

Now you can say, well, that doesn’t sound healthy.
No matter if your poor, or extremely quite wealthy
How, how can you let them eat Twinkies, guzzle coke,
And consume Netflix and nougat

To be honest, it’s not easy, it’s like your alone in a boat
I say just read what Benny Lim wrote:

I have read and heard of stories of children throwing tantrums whenever their phones/tablets are taken away or

Anthony C. Fireman

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