Sales & Marketing

It’s easier than it looks.

A pressure gauge
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Real estate is a competitive industry. Open any major citys’ newspaper and you’ll see a real estate section with hundreds of agents advertising properties for sale or services they offer. The realty game pays 100% commission, so an agent’s marketing plan better be top-notch.

I was a Realtor with Keller…

Social Media

I don’t like where Twitter is going and here’s why.

Two birds looking at each other
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Twitter makes me nervous. It’s been around since March 21, 2006 and has grown to nearly 330 million users. And while it’s fun to participate in all kinds of conversations, hear celebrity perspectives, and acquire new ideas from quirky bedfellows, I question Twitter’s motives and whether they’re helping. …


Tell her (or him) to take a walk.

woman walking for exercise in her asics
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Ever since the pandemic, kids have had too much time on their hands. They don’t exercise. Not even a measly walk.

Children have sought refuge from boredom in iPads and X-Boxes, which, for you — a working or struggling parent — these devices have become the default babysitter.

And to see your kids sit there and not exercise, not even walk, you worry your kids just play games, eat snacks, and…

Health & Children

A child’s death is a club no parent on earth wants to join.

Two children stricken with cancer
Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

According to the American Cancer Society, 4,000 children are diagnosed with some form of brain cancer and/or spinal cancer every year. Of them, 75% survive beyond five years.

While many offer a good prognosis, glioblastoma is not one of them. These brain and spinal cancers spread the fastest, and only…

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